In Which Pru Goes All A Team

You know those days when you just have to have cake? Not just any cake either, a specific cake with a lifetime of emotional taste attachment? Yeah, well today was one of those days. 

I have had a thing for Jamaica Ginger Cake for as long as I can remember. My family will testify to the fact that I would fight you to the death to get the end pieces. I have always said that they should make a full sized end – it is pure, sticky joy. Sigh. 

Now I could have nipped to the shop, blown caution to the wind and bought a cake, and bugger the painful consequences, but, in the words of the inimitable Eliza Dolittle…. “I’m a good girl I am”. Honest guv, I am …

So Instead of heading out the door I headed to the kitchen to play with ingredients. I was VERY excited, so excited that I posted real time progress photos on instagram. Lips and finger nails were chewed ( pretty certain they’re Paleo) and actual squeeing could be heard as I sat glued to the oven door window. 

Everything looked good, but of course looks can be deceiving, so the family waited with baited breath to see how my experiment would taste. 

Result! They all wanted more, but being a proper meany the seconds will not be eaten until stage two of the experiment is complete, the sticky end test… hmm… moving swiftly on!

I will report back tomorrow, and all being well I will upload the recipe for you over the weekend. In the mean time I made you this little story board.

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Hello From Creatively Paleo!

Of course the next step after facebook, twitter and pinterest had to be wordpress didn’t it? Here we will share a bit more of the behind the website paleo lifestyle with you, because it’s not just all about the food! 

We are currently in the midst of moving home, and are very much looking forward to being able to create a little studio so that our food photos will look better than they do now – the light in this house is not conducive to good photos! 

The children are all eagerly awaiting new bedrooms to make their own, and I cannot wait to get my hands into some dirt as I have desperately wanted to get gardening again, at least my patio fruit trees are looking productive – can’t wait to harvest the fruit from them later in the year!