On Pinkwashing and Movember

I posted a couple of things on instagram today which I expected to lose me some followers. Maybe they still will, we shall see. More importantly I was encouraged to write about my opinions and reasoning on this issue, so here we go…

First of all I will preface this by telling you that my husband is a testicular cancer survivor – he was diagnosed 6 years ago, appropriately enough in November! He comes from a cancer family – his mother, sister and grandparents have survived or succumbed – so, as it is for far too many others, cancer is a subject close to my heart and family.

Secondly I will say that I am a research nerd. If I am interested in a subject I will explore and read about it, a lot. Some might say obsessively. I don’t think it’s obsessive to be interested in such an important subject, but horses for courses and all that. 

Cancer is BIG business. If you consider the amounts of money involved in building state of the art hospitals (which are having to be built to cope with the explosion in cancer); the nuclear technology; the drug development and production; the clinical, nursing and support staff; well, you begin to get an idea of the huge sums of money involved. You might think it’s hardly surprising that there are so many cancer charity fundraising events, because obviously our economy couldn’t possibly afford to fund all of this expense, especially, if current forecasts are correct, as it will only increase as we see one in two people receiving a cancer diagnosis at some point in their life. Shouldnt we all do our bit to raise money to cure this dreadful disease? 

You would think so wouldn’t you? From a logical, economic and more importantly, humanitarian point of view, it makes sense for us to do everything in our power to stop cancer in its tracks. Heaven knows I would give anything for cancer to be consigned to the history books. Yet I don’t donate money to cancer research charities, and no matter how lovely you are, I will not sponsor you in your race for life or moustache growing; the very idea makes bile rise in my throat.

The simple truth is, there are already a number of cures for cancer. 

We already know that 90 – 95% of cancers are caused by our lifestyles – exercise, diet and exposure to carcinogens in our environment. In other words, they are preventable. 

Unfortunately for us, more is made of the need to “find a cure” than the need to halt the cause. But why reinvent the wheel when amazing men and women have, for decades, been discovering cheap and efficient treatments for some of the most conventionally untreatable cancers? Who are these people and what are these treatments? Why haven’t we heard about them? Surely these people should be household names if their discoveries work? You’d think, huh?

The sad truth is that many of these treatments are derided, not only by conventional medical doctors, but also by supposedly caring charities whose whole reason d’être is to find a cure! If you would like to see the other side of charitable organizations that, on the surface, push for a cure for cancer, you need only look at this response to one family’s experience of treating the untreatable. Watch this film about the man who treated this young woman. I hope you will be asking a lot of questions by the time you’ve read and watched those links.

I appreciate that most people are motivated by love and compassion, and I completely understand why so many people get involved in fund raising for cancer charities, but it is my heartfelt belief that too many people are being emotionally blackmailed into funding a monsterous industry that has become the very thing it is supposed to be fighting. As an aside, I think using the terminology of the battlefield is unhelpful, but I will save that post for another day! 

I’ve read that there are ultimately only 6 corporations that run our world today – food, agrichemical and pharmaceutical companies are all incestuously interlinked. Remember that 90-95% of cancers are caused by our environment.  The products that these companies create are the very things that are disrupting our hormones and sending our cells haywire. The “cures” that they invent create more diseases to be cured, paid for, in part, by well meaning people who go out of their way to raise money for cancer research charities who are tied to the hospitals and pharmaceutical companies who… you get the circular nature of the beast I hope! 

Remember that 90-95% of cancers are caused by our environment. So before you buy that packet of pink sweets; tube of lipstick; t-shirt; shampoo etc etc ask yourself the question “who is really benefitting from this purchase?” Ask yourself if, maybe, your hard earned pennies might not be better spent on things like books, quality food and chemical free home and self care products. It might not be the easiest option, but it will be the one that does most good for you, your family and, ultimately, humanity. These might be good starting points…

Oh and moustaches? Yeah, I guess you might look a bit of a dick, which I suppose is possibly a tenuous link with penile, testicular and prostate cancers! Other than that, isn’t it just as daft an awareness raising exercise as those ridiculous facebook memes that women get sucked into in the name of breast cancer awareness? Maybe I’m just not seeing the funny side, but watching a loved one go through cancer and lose a testicle to it isnt all that amusing. 


Oat So Simple

Sheesh, another day another reaction! This time it seems I’m allergic to my husband! Well ok, not quite, but he is the cause of a flare up,of itchy, red eyes and major snotage! Nice! He had to climb in the back of his trailer today and got covered in oat dust. So here I am in October with, basically, hayfever! Yay!

In other news…. today has been super productive on the ice cream making front, and I’m actually looking forward to another weekend of creating flavours and yummy things for the ebook. 

I am ever so pleased with this jazzy little driftwood chalkboard shelf I whipped up from some things I had lying around the house.

I have been over come with creative urges today, so much so that DD2 had to reign me in from creating a full blown ice cream parlour in the hallway, complete with seaview and sand. Hmm, just as well I have people to temper my giddiness at times I guess. It is my dream to own a little beach side ice cream shack, so perhaps I’ll just have to direct my creativeness into making that dream a reality. First things first though, the book needs finishing first.

Oh, if you fancy joinng in over on our facebook page, I’ve been asking what your favourite icecream flavour is, and giving you the chance to receive a free copy of the book when it comes out. Hop on over and join in, and feel free to invite any friends who might be interested! You can find us at facebook.com/creativelypaleo

In yet more exciting news…. I’m going to be a Desire Map Book Club Leader in January! If you don’t know about the desiremap have a wander on over to Danielle’s website and be prepared to be enthralled! 


Let’s Talk About Milk, Baby

I did plan on pondering about whether or not there mght be a hgher proportion of people on the autistic spectrum withn the paleo/primal community, but my brain is too scattered to do that justice right now.

Instead, following on from the brief post about a new allergy emerging yesterday ( which I suspect could have a lot to do with my feeling exhausted today) I thought I’d instead write a little bit about dairy, and more specifically milk.

Now I always feel that I’ve failed dreadfully when I attempt and don’t complete a whole30, but the one I attempted in July has really changed my life.

I have completely removed mlk from my diet. I still have cheese rather too often (this results in an itchy face) and double cream is something I have maybe once a month or so, so this is really just about removing milk. What I have noticed, and what has made an immeasurable difference to my life, is that my breathing problems, which had been happening with increasing regularity but also barely any recovery time between bouts, have (touches wood in a hopeful avoidence of tempting fate!) ceased. 

I live on a particularly steep hill which I can now climb with very little difficulty. I wake up in the morning able to take deep breathes. I have stopped having to consider how much it will take out of me if I walk around the supermarket, now I think nothing of walking to the shops and carrying bags of shopping home. I honestly cannot express how wonderful this is, because I truly thought I was going to spend the rest of my life incapacitated.

The removal of milk is the only thing that it can be. I noticed when I made my german cheesecake, which is VERY heavy on dairy, that I started to develop some tighteness in my chest, but it cleared up the next day. The only other thing that is different is that I have been doing regular (light admittedly) weight training, concentrating on my upper body, BUT I was only able to do that because my breathing had improved. I suspect it is helping to keep my chest on better health, but I can only come to the conclusion that it was my daily intake of milk (in countless cups of tea) along with yogurt for breakfast, that was doing the damage!

I will certainly not be reintroducing it in the name of science though, as on the odd occasion when I have mistakenly taken a sip of my husband’s white tea, it has had my rushing for the sink to spit it out before I vomited!

So I guess you could say that I have been a Whole30 success, in my own way!

weird Wednesday!

What an odd day it has been today! Started out with a brand new allergy rearing its head, joy. Thankfully I had some piriton in the house which sorted it out, but it was not fun! I think I really need to get some major gut healing going on to see if i can clear up these allergies that have increased in the last year or two, but gah, hard, hard work hey?

The ice cream e book is my number one priority right now, which is maybe a little ridiculousto put that ahead of improving my health, but it is so close to completion I just really want to get it done.

I shall be doing a whole30 when it’s done, and after that I think I will try to dive into GAPS properly as a friend is having a lot of success with it right now, and it makes such a lot of sense to me.

Have you healed any allergies or intolerances? How did you do it? I’d love to hear your experiences.  

October Already!

Seriously, how has the year gone by so quickly? I know they say time speeds up as you get older, but at this rate I’ll be 93 in less than 24 hours!

October is one of my favourite months, but then I am a Scorpio, so what else would you expect? Halloween/Samhain is the best festival of all time in my opinion, hands down beats Christmas and New Year. I really need to be kept away from the decorations sections in the supermarkets because I tend to go a little mad.

photo (16)

Of course the other great thing about this time of year is the marvellous varieties of squash available. We love pumpkin, and I shall be stocking up and cooking and freezing as many of the big carvers as I can. There does seem to be an increasing selection  of other squashes in the supermarkets here now too, especially if you look in some of the higher end shops like Booths or Waitrose.

Last year I ordered a big box of spaghetti squash direct from a fenland farmer, something I must sort out doing again very soon – the squashes have such a lovely long shelf life that stocking up makes a lot of sense.

photo (17)

What is your favourite squash recipe? I shall be having a go at a paleoified pumpkin pie again this year, but I want to try something a bit more adventurous too. Having said that, it will probably end up being a pumpkin inspired ice cream, as I plough on with getting my paleo ice cream ebook ready for sale towards the end of the month!

Just to give you fair warning, I’ve set myself a challenge this month – a blog post a day. Gulp. Let’s see if I do better with that than I did with Whole30!