weird Wednesday!

What an odd day it has been today! Started out with a brand new allergy rearing its head, joy. Thankfully I had some piriton in the house which sorted it out, but it was not fun! I think I really need to get some major gut healing going on to see if i can clear up these allergies that have increased in the last year or two, but gah, hard, hard work hey?

The ice cream e book is my number one priority right now, which is maybe a little ridiculousto put that ahead of improving my health, but it is so close to completion I just really want to get it done.

I shall be doing a whole30 when it’s done, and after that I think I will try to dive into GAPS properly as a friend is having a lot of success with it right now, and it makes such a lot of sense to me.

Have you healed any allergies or intolerances? How did you do it? I’d love to hear your experiences.  


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