Two Weeks In

I’m not even going to attempt to justify my lack of success at sticking to my own goals. It is a personal failing that I desperately want to alter. I think I can do it too, but I need to do it slowly, bit by bit, instead of all at once.

I am succeeding at the meal planning – 3 weeks of planning 21 meals a week. It’s working more as we go along, which makes sense as we are gradually developing a new habit. It is definitely helping in the spending department; our almost daily    trips to the coop which invariably ended n a £15 – £30 spend (eek!) on top of our weekly shop, have ceased as I know exactly what we need to get for the whole week. Result! 

I’m also managing to sustain two daily practices which give me enormous comfort. One is a 365 photo challenge that my friend and I decided to start at the winter solstice. It’s got its own hashtag on instagram and quite a few other women have joined in. If you’re curious search out the tag #365awarealtars – it’s a very thought provoking gratitude practice. This is yesterday’s entry.


The other one is the crochet mood blanket – again it has its own hashtag on IG #crochetmoodblanket2014. It’s no wonder this brilliant idea went viral as it’s very gratifying to create a square in a wool that matches your mood. I’m really looking forward to seeing if there are any clear mood patterns that develop! I create my square every night just before I go bed, and it is very soothing – I can hook the days frustrations and joys into each stitch, and by the time I’m done (generally 10-15 mins) I find I can settle down to sleep with a clear mind. This is nothing short of miraculous as my brain works overtime particularly at night.

I’ve mantasty lip balmaged to put up 4, i think it is, new recipes so far this year, including a super simple but very tasty lip balm, which I’m very pleased with. I need to do some site organisation in the next week or two, which frankly excites me as much as the idea of a root canal! No doubt I will procrastinate and find excuses not to do it, but it will get written on my trusty white board from whence it will quietly nag me every day until it get’s done!

We also managed a bit of a mini adventure at the weekend, and have promised ourselves we will make sure to have a least one adventure a month, which I hope will help to calm my itchy feet. I had fun playing around with some photos I took too, and it’s made me want to get my proper camera out to play again. 


So that’s about it for this week,I hope that the next time I blog I will be able to celebrate some more successes in the time and life management department.

I’d love to hear how you organise yourself – hunts and top tips in the comments box would be fab. 


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