An Interview With Me

Jax posted this meme over at her blog and as I can’t seem to fnd the wherewithall to write a blog post at the moment, and as February is about to drop off tbe radar I thought I’d play. 

What’s your favourite way to relax?

I’ve just written a comprehensive how to self care page on my website, mostly filled with ideas I need to listen to myself! My favourite way to relax is one of  my top tips… in an epsom salt bath with a few drops of sandalwood essential oil and a good book.

What’s your best standby quick meal?

One pot chilli – though probably not that quick by most people’s definition!

If you could change one thing about the world today, what would it be?

Right now, my heart and head are filled to bursting with LB’s story, and the terrible treatment meted out to people with learning disabilities, so here and now I would change the ‘care’ system and people’s attitudes towards those who are ‘different’. 

What’s the best piece of advice you have to give?

Never be afraid to ask questions and never accept an answer until you have explored all of the potential answers yourself  first.

Red or white?

Red without question. If you’d said red or black I wouldnt have been able to choose though 😉


What moment in history would you choose to visit (you can’t change anything while you’re there) and why?

The night the Berlin Wall came down. It was the cross over into my 18th birthday and I was in cold, damp Bradford. I’d moved back from Berlin in the August and never imagined the wall would fall. My parent’s rang me on my birthday from the Brandenburg Gate section of the wall. I was very jealous.


Favourite author and the book of theirs you most enjoy?

Fiction wise it would be Mary Wesley. I love all of her books, but I identify with the main character, Sophie, in The Camomile Lawn quite a lot, and it has been my go to comfort book for about 23 years!


Which fictional character would you most like to be or meet?

 Hmm, not a fictional character, but the character that is Manda Scott’s fictional approximation of Boudica. 


What song is guaranteed to get you dancing?

 Ha! Round my kitchen – countless songs! On an actual dance floor…. hmm … Sometimes by Erasure, Don’t Leave Me This Way by Jimmy Sommerville, Here Comes The Rain by The Cult… The Cure’s Lovecats, and these days probably anytging by Mika, The Scissor Sisters or Paramore! Sorry, can’t commit to one song! 

What’s the question I should have asked you – and the answer?

 Eek, don’t like this question! Reminds me too much of creative writing at school and I was crap at that! Hmm….  Maybe What do you want to do when you grow up? To which I’d have to say: be able to answer that question!

Favourite place in the world and why?

Oh this is hard. I’ve lived in so many places and love lots more. Pembrokeshire and County Kerry would be top contenders, but the place that I yearn for is Berlin. I think because it was where I was based for my mid to late teens – it was where I developed a real sense of independence, where I met my first boyfriend, where I had my first job. It was such an exciting place, full of intrigue, and great music concerts and erm, men in uniform…! Russians and the Black watch (who I worked for briefly one summer) were my favourite uniforms there. I havent been back since 1990, and I know it will have changed enormously when I do get to go back, which I must admit worries me a little, but I have a real need to tread the streets again and indulge in a (non paleo) currywurst mit pommes from a street schnelly. 



So now I think I’m supposed to come up with some questions for YOU – whoever you are!

1.  Why do you blog?

2.  Which film did you last cry at?

3.  What song lyric best sums you up?

4. What is your favourite smell and what memories does it evoke for you?

5. Fact or fiction? 

6. Who annoys you most Peppa Pig or Lola from Charlie and Lola?

7. What’s your poison? The thing you view as your biggest vice but just can’t (or wont) give up?

8. Where would you build your dreamhouse, and what style of building would it be?

9. How or what do you love to create?

10. What would your dream festival line up look like?

11. Train, plane, automobile, boat, bike or shanks’s pony? What is your favourite mode of transport and where would it take you if distance and money was no object?


Leave me a comment if you join in, would love to read all about you! 

PS I’ll add links in to this post later this evening. 

One thought on “An Interview With Me

  1. Why is it always easier to give advice than follow it?

    I’ve never read the Camomile Lawn – which is strange really as I enjoyed the TV series so much and usually if I haven’t read the book beforehand I go on to do so – so many books, so little time!

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