Oat So Simple

Sheesh, another day another reaction! This time it seems I’m allergic to my husband! Well ok, not quite, but he is the cause of a flare up,of itchy, red eyes and major snotage! Nice! He had to climb in the back of his trailer today and got covered in oat dust. So here I am in October with, basically, hayfever! Yay!

In other news…. today has been super productive on the ice cream making front, and I’m actually looking forward to another weekend of creating flavours and yummy things for the ebook. 

I am ever so pleased with this jazzy little driftwood chalkboard shelf I whipped up from some things I had lying around the house.

I have been over come with creative urges today, so much so that DD2 had to reign me in from creating a full blown ice cream parlour in the hallway, complete with seaview and sand. Hmm, just as well I have people to temper my giddiness at times I guess. It is my dream to own a little beach side ice cream shack, so perhaps I’ll just have to direct my creativeness into making that dream a reality. First things first though, the book needs finishing first.

Oh, if you fancy joinng in over on our facebook page, I’ve been asking what your favourite icecream flavour is, and giving you the chance to receive a free copy of the book when it comes out. Hop on over and join in, and feel free to invite any friends who might be interested! You can find us at facebook.com/creativelypaleo

In yet more exciting news…. I’m going to be a Desire Map Book Club Leader in January! If you don’t know about the desiremap have a wander on over to Danielle’s website and be prepared to be enthralled! 



A Gingerbread Family

This week has been another hectic one in the Creatively Paleo family. I’m not entirely sure where the time is going to, but it seems almost incomprehensible that we are already in September!

Of course we don’t have the back to school rush that most families have, and for that I am eternally grateful! The idea of shopping for school shoes gives me the shudders! You may have seen the post about Primal Education a couple of weeks ago, well that is part of a lovely Not Back To School Carnival over at LiveOtherwise. Grab a brew and take some time meandering through all the posts, there are some really lovely stories included, and they might give you some interesting food for thought 🙂

I’ve been working hard on a couple of projects, the first of which I have just launched and am really quite pleased with. It was a proper family collaboration with the children all contributing ideas as well as helping with various technical aspects that my brain had a temporary block with! It’s a free guide to primalizing your family – it takes a gentle and respectful approach, because, in my opinion at least, there is no space for anything else when it comes to such a huge and important change in a child’s diet.

For the guide we’ve been testing out a paleoified gingerbread recipe, and after much tweaking we are really pleased with the result, and have included it as a cute little printable in the guide. We really hope you like it and have fun baking with your children!

Here’s a little graphic that I whipped up in the A Beautiful Mess app (I do so love that app!). If you click on it it will take you to the download cart thingy majiggy!




We’ve been back to meal planning again this last couple of weeks, which definitely makes life much easier. There should  be some new recipes coming up on the site this week too, including a one pot chilli which was a real life saver in the campervan, and a tasty pork recipe with a Polynesian influence!

That’s it for now – don’t forget it’s #PaleoHour between 8 and 9 pm GMT tonight on twitter!



Primal Creative Urges

One of the reasons I chose Creatively Paleo for my website name is because I strongly believe that the creative act is a primal urge that we all feel throughout out lives; I wanted the website name to express the fact that creativity, as a primal desire, is as crucial to our health and wellbeing as the food we eat.

Ever since I can remember I have had moments where I been overcome with the desire to create. Often I wouldn’t have the first clue what I wanted to create, but I just HAD to make something. From around about the age of ten I called these my “creative urges” and I would not be able to rest until I had satisfied the intense yearning that would almost consume me when these urges struck.

I can see a similar need in my son which demonstrates, on a very immediate level, that the desire to create is not an inherently female experience. Obviously when looking at the wider world this is clearly demonstrated, not least by the countless numbers of men who have created great works of art, music, culinary delights etc; but I do think that the primal urge has perhaps most often been associated with the creation of new life in the womb.

I suspect this feminisation of creativity has been a leading factor in the demeaning of arts based studies – academia and cerebral studies are so much more highly prized once you leave the colourful, paint splattered days of kindergarten behind, whilst more obviously creative pursuits are sidelined, at best, but most often mocked and maligned.

It is my belief that this lack of understanding about our primal need to create, has helped to lead many of us into the depths of despair; but… the strength of this innate desire cannot be crushed completely as is testified to by the number of formerly “sensible” adults who suddenly develop a yearning to become yoga teachers, gardeners, artists, knitters, photographers etc etc etc, most often when they hit their late 30s and early 40s, when of course it is laughed off once more, this time as a midlife crisis.

We each have a creative spark within us, no matter how deeply buried we might think it is. How could it be otherwise? After all, don’t we originate from ancestors who were compelled, by something within, to mix up dirt and berry juices and apply them to the walls of their caves as decorative, seemingly purposeless, art? How would humanity have advanced to the extent we have without this need to take raw materials and transform them into something beautiful, useful, tasty or just plain whimsical?

photo credit: wikipedia

Creativity does not just have to be about the arts however, it is entirely possible to fulfil a creative desire in anything you do – a computer coder would probably not seem to be remotely creative to most people, but that strange language, in the right hands, can create a beautiful programme or website that those of us who don’t speak that language would find impossible to bring into being.

Creativity is the spark of passion that drives you; the medium you choose to bring it into existence through is almost besides the point.

I think by now you might be able to tell that I’m a little bit passionate about creativity…! I truly believe that “paleo” is so much more than a way of eating, it is an entire way of life; one that will fuel not just your body but your mind and soul too.

I’d love to hear how you’ve honoured your creativity this week. Here’s how it looked for me.

Recipes for the purple funky chicken and the apple cake will be added to the website this week. Be the first to know by liking our facebook page or by following us on twitter.

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Hazy, Lazy Days of Summer

The Paleo/Primal lifestyle isn’t just about the food you eat, It is an entire way of life, and reducing our stress loads plays an important part in that. Moving is a very stressful experience, even though I’ve moved countless times throughout my life so the physical aspects of it don’t feel too onerous to me, the associated admin really gives me the jitters. Taking ten minutes to unwind after the tedious task of dealing with utility companies and council departments is crucial self care in my opinion! The added bonus of course is knowing that I’m filling on up vital vitamin d without having to pay for supplements. What’s EVEN better is that there’s an app for that! Look, how cool is this? 

In just over ten minutes my clever body created more than three times the amount of vitamin d contained in one of these little capsules!


What a bargain. I can’t recommend this app enough; its called D Minder and there is a free and a paid version. At £1.49 for the paid one it’s a darn sight cheaper than supplements. I bought it because I found the free one was a bit glitchy, plus I liked that I could save history on the paid one. What’s great about the app is that it is completely customisable to your circumstances, right down to your skin tone; as my pale English skin burns pretty easily I love that it tells me when I need to get out of the sun to avoid burning. It is a fantastic tool in my opinion, because vitamin d is so enormously important for our general health and well being, and anything that increases our awareness of our needs is worth celebrating.

A good book and a cup of something good to drink also help with the unwinding – my dandelion coffee with a smidge of manuka honey is doing me the power of good, as well as being pretty delicious. Lots of paleo people drink the real thing, but my system is super sensitive to caffeine these days, so much as I love the aroma of freshly ground and brewed coffee, it doesn’t love me, but dandelion coffee and chicory aren’t bad substitutes.   

 That’s me ready to take on the next round of moving hassles. How did you de stress today?