Whole 30 Diary July 2013

I decided sometime in June that it was about time I did another whole 30.  If you don’t know what whole30 is, it’s basically a very clean elimination diet. The book  It Starts with Food details it all and I would highly recommend the book to anyone looking to improve their health through diet. I have it on kindle (bought it last year when we were in the camper van, and also a hard copy – talk about hardcore eh?!) Ooh, I’ve just spotted that there is a whole30 cookbook too It Starts With Food CookBook. Sold to the lady with a major book addiction. *blush*

The last whole30 I did was back in January and I did really well, but something in my crazy head likes to see me fail, and I did.. on day 29! Ridiculous or what? What really helped me was signing up for the daily check in programme that they offer, although unfortunately it was a bit glitchy and there would be days when the email didn’t arrive, which was a bit annoying, but otherwise it was a really helpful thing, not free though, obviously. I was tempted to sign up again, but I reckon I’ll go it alone this time and see how I do.

I didn’t really think ahead a great deal about what doing whole 30 in July would mean, so I went ahead and announced my intention on the internets (I reckon this is a great way to keep yourself accountable and less likely to fail).

I woke up this morning thinking *Oh, fuck! It’s July! I’m doing a whole 30 in the month where two of my children and my husband have birthdays! What was I thinking? Ah well, I’ve committed to this in my head and online now, so I shall just have to get creative!

I will log my days here on this page so that I don’t bombard you all with dull daily posts. Let’s see how it goes.

Day 1

Other than the dawning realisation that I’d probably picked the worst month of the year to do this, I felt pretty good about the coming 30 days. I realise from previous attempts that I need to be organised with my meal planning, and erm… well yeah… I started a meal plan but didn’t get very far. Oops, not the most auspicious of starts. Must try harder.

Breakfast was pretty boring – I had a 4 egg omelette with fried mushrooms and onions added into it. Boring it may be but you really can’t beat the taste of anything that has fried onions in if you ask me. I had a cup of black tea followed by a cup of black chicory.

I spent most of the day in a very sedentary manner as I was adding new pages to the website so didn’t really feel the need for lunch, and I was thinking of trying to go with intermittent fasting anyway. That worked fine until I started to get a bit headachy at around 5pm. I haven’t had enough to drink (a couple more cups of black tea) and I think I could have done with adding a bit more coconut oil into the omelette. I made myself a cup of cranberry and raspberry tea by Dr Stuart and ate an apple. As I was about to start cooking tea for the family it seemed a bit daft making myself something to eat at this point, so I will just go with the grotty feeling for now and make sure that I am more sensible tomorrow, just in time for the hangover…

So tea was a beef stew which I put in the cassava I bought the other week. I do not like it! Like potato my arse!

 I did the stew in the pressure cooker for quickness. I do love the pressure cooker, but on this occassion I overcooked the stew and it did not look very pretty – tasted good though (apart from the cassava which, like a big kid, I picked out). It was served on a big bed of steamed broccoli.

I finished off the day with a chicory with coconut milk in it which was really very good.


Day 2

Not feeling too bad hangover wise, but am really suffering from the tree pollen from the trees at the back of the house. 

I decided not to go with the intermittent fasting today and eat three meals as recommended in It Starts With Food. I think this was a really good decision as Ive felt a lot better today overall. I also thought Id start the day with a chicory and coconut milk as a bit of a filling up exercise. 

aw this heart formed all by itself


This was a good choice and saw me happily through til the bacon and eggs were cooked at about 10.30. 

I really am glad I bought my George Foreman grill, it has been an absolutely brilliant piece of equipment, I use it every day and often more than once. Today I cooked on it 3 times – certainly value for money!

I was very good under a great deal of pressure today, I was testing cake recipes and the smells coming out if the oven were very, very tempting! I resisted though, and the children were pleased as it meant they got to eat all the cakes. 

For lunch I served up a salad with grilled mushrooms and onions and the red deer medallions I cooked yesterday. It was very filling, which definitely helped with resisting the cakes.


I seem to have spent the entire day cooking! When it was time to start thinking about tea I had the bright idea of trying out a whole 30 safe enchilada experiment. This entailed shit loads of cooking, but Im so glad I bothered because it was absolutely scrumptious and I will definitely be making it again. I served it with turmeric cauli egg fried rice- it went down a treat.  

Tomorrow I have left overs for breakfast, and I’m going to whip up a batch of chocolate granola for the children. Ooh… almost forgot… I was making some chocolate cakes which used cacao butter so i had the genius idea of adding it to a coconut milk chicory. Oh. My. God. It was bloody gorgeous, give it a go!

That’s day 2 all wrapped up. See you tomorrow. xx


Day 3

Oops day 3 going up on day 4! All I can say is it was a trying day! We lost internet connection atvthe end of the day, which is not great when your life is mostly online lol. Thank Steve Jobs for the iPad. So… day 3

I had a pretty rotten headache most of the day – not sure if that was detox related or down to the nasty bang on the head I got through not closing a cupboard door. Ow either way.

Breakfast was nice and easy as I had left over enchiladas and cauli fried rice


I guess a lot of people would find that a strange kind of breakfast, but having been eating paleo for a couple of years now, leftovers of any sort are a perfectly normal thing to have for breakfast. Often the taste is much richer after soaking in overnight in the fridge, plus not having to think what to eat is a definite bonus!

I made sure to drink plenty today – lots of black and herbal teas and some of my favourite chicory with coconut milk.

Lunch saw me struggling so i just did boiled eggs, but the decided to scoop out the yolks and mash them into some left over enchilada sauce. It was goood! I also had an apple.

Yeah i know, i need to work on my presentation skills! I dont know about you, but im terrible about making food thats just for me look pretty. Must change that.

In the afternoon, like a true masochist, i started working on an idea for a coconut cake. Let’s just say it wasnt  a success, but thats a story for another day!

DD1 cooked tea whilst I caught up on the mountain of washing up. I completely forgot to take a photo, but it was a paleo shepherds pie, so imagine a lamb mince, carrot and onion sauce, topped with mashed sweet potato and you’ll be able to see it on your head Im sure …. telepathic blogging hey?

Early bed and that’s day 3 done and dusted.


Day 4 

Today has been a better day generally – no headaches or aches (I forgot to mention the odd joint aches that I had the last two days).

Food wise I was  bit crap initially as I hadnt saved any leftovers for breakfast, so I skipped to brunch later on instead. It was a pretty awesome lunch it has to be said!

I had a steak that needed using up and I suddenly had a real craving for a meal like we get from our favourite organic farm whenever we’re passing (not that often sadly). 

The photo doesn’t really do it justice, but OMG every bite was heaven! I ended up with a pretty big organic, grassfed beef steak topped with 2 slices of bacon, 2 eggs and a romero pepper, all of which were cooked on my trust george foreman grill in the steak juices. Totally divine! Quite honestly I think I could have managed the entire day on it, but the rest of the family needed tea.

I had a mango that needed using, a few carrots, (oh bugger, just remembered I meant to use up a head of broccoli too, ah well) an onion and some chicken breasts to work with. I thought mango chicken would be pretty tasty, and maybe a bit Jamaican so I chucked in some jerk spices and hoped it would work!

We had turmeric* cauli fried rice, yes again, but this time I threw in some onion seeds to add a bit of interest. the chicken was ok, but I’m not sure I’m looking forward to breakfast!


*I try to get as much turmeric and cruciferous vegetables into our diet as possible for their cancer inhibiting qualities.

And that’s day 4 done and dusted! Hope you’re powering through the days if you’re doing whole 30 this month.


Day 5 

Today has not been the best of days, on any level! My youngest woke us all up far too early – really need to sort blackout blnds as the bedroom is practically floodlit 😦 – and I’d had a bad case if insomnia. Felt utterly shattered, a theme that continued throughout the day. 

I was absolutely ravenous when I woke up, and thinking about it i realised it was most likely down to the lack of fats consumed yesterday, mainly due to having run out of coconut milk.

At least the sun was shining for a change though, and I got some vitamin D made whilst hanging out the washing. Good stuff.

Not wanting to forget my fats today, I made some coconut milk up for my chicory, and ate last night’s leftovers for breakfast.

Everyone here had a major slump on for some reason. 

Lunch was some sweet potato “hashbrowns” – no photos, frankly they weren’t worth bothering with!

This evening i had some pork loin fillet to use up, so I chopped it up and stuck it in to marinade whilst we watched the Murray semi final match. OMG what a ride it was! Can’t wait for Sunday’s Wimbledon final. Its going to be a sporty weekend as The Boy has a taekwondo tournament on Sunday morning – hope it’s finished in time so we dont miss the tennis!!   

Anyway, match over I shoved the pork on george, man I do love him! it was done to perfection in minutes, and lacking motivation and inspiration I served it up with a couple of grilled eggs on a stunning, and possibly inappropriate,  piece of crockery!

I’m now going to put out the fire in my mouth ( they were hot chillies!) with a cup of something herbal and It’s an epsom salt bath for me in the hopes of chasing off the insomnia!

See you tomorrow xx



Day 6 and 7 

Oh dear, I’ve been a bit slack at updating. I blame the weekend. We had two early starts for taekwondo lessons and then a tournament, so breakfast both mornings was a big bowl of scrambled eggs.

Saturday lunch was shockingly bad – we went shopping, came home and watched the women’s wimbledon finals then went to a different shop to pick up the bits we’d forgotten “sigh” by which time I was, unsurprisingly, ravenous. I grabbed some sliced ham thus staving off the hunger pangs that would ordinarily lead me into temptation. When we got home I was feeling the ill effects of being so completely stupid – headache,low mood, growling stomach – so set to work making some really scrummy sweet potato houmous – I adapted this recipe from TGIPaleo – will write up my version later on. It went down REALLY well with everyone, we’ve all missed houmous so much since going paleo a few years ago, so this was a proper treat!


For tea DD2 made roast vegetables (sweet potato, carrot, butternut squash, onion and garlic) whilst I rustled up some tasty chicken thighs and drumsticks. 

Sunday lunch was another late in the day fail. We had to grab a few bits from the shop on the way back from the taekwondo tournament which meant we got back just in time for the wimbledon men’s finals. So a quick bowl of veggie sticks and houmous was grabbed to snack on whilst watching with tense anticipation as Andy Murray made a magnificent job of winning!

Tea was a joint effort with DS doing most of the work for a chilli with cauli rice. 

Given the rubbish lack of planning on my part, I’m pleased that I still managed to stick to whole 30, but it definitely wasnt the healthiest way to do it. Planning is definitely key.




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